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End-of-day reports

Whether you want the big picture or prefer to hone in on data at a granular level, access to end-of-day reports that gives you a clear breakdown of how your business is doing.

Check sales for every user

Get information related to revenue

Track tip amounts for every user

Identify rush periods

See what payment types your customers prefer


Staff reports

Know what your staff is up to by tracking employee shifts, ensuring you know when they clock in and out. Schedule wait staff and have the right amount of iPads based on the influx of customers.

Identify your all-star servers

Know the exact amount of tables served

See what your staff is selling

Monitor work hours

Mobile reporting

Access real-time reports on any device, whether you’re at your restaurant, at home or out and about. POS53’s restaurant POS is cloud-based, pulling reliable and consistent reports, regardless of the device you use.

Your data is not hardware-dependent

Always know how your business is doing

Ensure your data is alway secure on the cloud