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Electronic POS Software

The definitive point of sale and front store management solution for Electronic across North America and beyond

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Give your customers what they want now

Increase customer satisfaction and retention with our special ordering management.

Your staff can order products which are not in store right from the POS; the items will then be shipped to your location from the warehouse or directly from the manufacturer.

You can also create special orders simply and quickly according to your customers preferences.

Speedy search and checkout via mobile

Mobile checkout and inventory lookups make electronics retailers more efficient, flexible and profitable.

Sales staff can easily use stationary and mobile POS devices to look up technical

other product information, thus offering their customers the personalized, high-quality service they are looking for.

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Kuwait POS Retail

No warranty receipt? No worries.

Improve your inventory management enabling your staff to track serial numbers of electronics goods.

Serial number tracking also improves customer service simplifying returns and warranty lookups.

Products can also be tracked by using barcodes, general product descriptions, or alternate descriptive identifiers.

Effective inventory management

LS Retail’s powerful inventory management allows retailers to keep tabs on their stock in real time

and provide sales-data analysis that help them make more informed inventory purchases. Predictive analytic tools to help buy more precisely can increase sales and profits.

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