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POS & ERP Integration

Kuwait POS Integration

Scheduling Online With Fingerprint

Kuwait POS Integration2

Human Resource from Appointment till the Termination including appraisal/T&A

Inventory, Purchase with Modern Procurement

POS (Tablet / Windows / Web / Mobile) Customer portal on the web and on Mobile

Dashboard for each System and each user / role

Ordering online and on the mobile using Mobile application

Auto Category Numbering

Sales, Purchase, Finance, HR Built in online

Owner Screen Separately

Possible to do e-Commerce from here

Kuwait POS Integration3

Loyality Card Integration

Reward your customers with loyalty points on every qualifying purchase.

Provide personalized offers to keep them coming back and increase sales

Allow customers to redeem it against future purchases by showing them their loyalty balance on receipts.

Offer one simple customer loyalty reward rate on all products, or apply custom rates for special products.

Kuwait POS Integration4

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