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POS For Jewwellery Store

Jewellery Retailing Software Can Take Care of

Kuwait POS Jewellery

Jewellery Production(Outsourced) / Repair Management

Controlled and informed production cycle is desired by every retailer.

The system allows process wise outsourced/ in house manufacturing.

In outsourced manufacturing provision of linking and tracking it with the order is possible.

Style master Bom Breation

Masters for the jewellery retailing is the heart for the system and the business too.

The retail software allows the most complex definitions of every bill of material extending to 100's of rows.

At the same time the software is capable of handling single line bill of material definition.

Kuwait POS Jewellery

Kuwait POS Jewellery

Pricing rules

The software has multiple and dynamic facility for defining pricing rules.

It has the simplified version for pre configured pricing which covers all aspects of jewellery retailing.

System provides for more complex " do it yourself " pricing strategy as well.

Pricing has flexibility to work with retailers of mrp based selling or even daily gold rate based pricing.

Jewellery retailing software (s.E.A) achieves all in the most simplified fashion on the cloud.

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