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POS For Home Based Business

Home Based Business For offline POS System

Kuwait POS Home Based

Device Agnostic

Be more efficient and profitable by managing POS across multiple devices, and save money by keeping your old equipment.

Works on iPad and iPad mini

Works on Android tablets

Works on Windows PC and tablets

Works on Poynt terminals

POS data shared among all devices

Process sales on any device

Works Offline

Avoid stress over keeping an internet connection and stay in business even when offline. the following actions offline:

Process cash transactions offline

Refunds and discounts

Save and update orders

View order history and details

Taxes and tips

All operations that do not involve a credit card

Kuwait POS Home Based

Kuwait POS Home Based

Custom Receipts

Optimize receipts for each individual order for better customer service.

Customize the receipt footer

Select the receipt language

Add line item or order notes to the receipt

Select to either email or print the receipt

Send the receipt to the receipt and/or kitchen printer

Specify for which items receipts should print to the kitchen printer

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