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Mobile service

Bring your POS as you go from customer to customer and access all your service tools from a mobile device. Offer patrons the same level high-quality experience no matter where they are seated.

Show items with photos and description

Take payments on the spot

Create a hassle-free experience for customers


Cloud-based POS

With a cloud-based POS, your business is always with you — even as you leave the restaurant. Enjoy the freedom of going everywhere you need to be while keeping an eye on your establishment.

Check your sales data from everywhere

See how your staff is doing

Make emergency changes in seconds

Get reports to make the right decisions

Store your data in total security

Improved communication

You don’t need to go to the kitchen or the bar to communicate with your staff. Any orders entered into the POS are immediately received by your back-of-house staff.

Send orders directly to the kitchen

Avoid misunderstandings

Reduce the floor traffic



Backup mode

When your Internet down, you don’t have to panic and your customers don’t have to know. POS53 Restaurant works offline as well as online. Once your connection is back, all the data is synchronized.

Benefit from a Liteserver that never quits

See no unexpected business interruption

Get a fully functional offline mode