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PMS integration

There's no need to restrict your guests — offer them the ultimate in convenience with the ultimate Restaurant management system. Guests staying at your Restaurant have the flexibility to place their food order anywhere they would like within the Restaurant while you charge their Restaurant room directly.

Offer a smoother ordering experience

Guests sitting down for dinner within a Restaurant are more likely to pass on their impressions to friends considering a visit to the city. With POS53, create the best impression on visitors by offering the smoothest restaurant experience.

Allow customers to pay their total bill, including the cost of their room when they check out

Ensure accurate billing by keeping all expenses on one centralised bill

Effortlessly include room service, restaurant bills and bar tabs to any customers' room

Save valuable time

Improve operating efficiency

Time is money. So save time, reduce the possibility of human
errors and improve guest satisfaction and loyalty by providing
faster service and more accurate billing.

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Training staff was very easy and programming it was easy — I could do it with my eyes closed.
Restaurent System in Kuwait

Order anywhere

Accommodate your guests

With POS53 Restaurant’s iPad EPOS, your staff can manage food and beverage orders anywhere around the Restaurant and charge guests directly to their Restaurant room. Adding a mobile experience to operations with POS53 ensures you can see to the needs of visitors as and when.

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Run a secure operation

Ensure your guest information
is safe

Ensure your guest information is always safe and secure with POS53. Decide what staff members have access to by creating individual profiles for employees with a unique set of permissions for each user. With unique permission settings, you can choose which staff members have access to what.

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The best thing about POS53 is that we don’t work for the system — the system works for us and our guests.
Restaurent System in Kuwait

Restaurent System in Kuwait

Endless possibilities

Operate your business in any language

Your staff need to be as fast and efficient as possible when it comes to operating a POS, regardless of the language they speak. POS53 offers many language options so your employees can feel at ease while using the system, ensuring they don't lose time where they don't need to.

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Everything goes way smoother than with normal till software.

Restaurent System in Kuwait

“ We were really looking for a partner that could really work hand in hand with our concept of creating a full guest experience.”

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Restaurent System in Kuwait

“ We picked POS53 because it improved our customers' ordering experience. More than anything, POS53 has helped speed up our sales process, without the downtime or lag that our previous system had. ”

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POS53 works for you.

Our POS solution for Restaurants will help you manage every aspect of your hospitality business. A system that's both easy to learn and easy to use, it's the perfect tool to help you offer superior customer service to your guests.

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