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Complete ERP Solution

  •   Human Resource from Appointment till the Termination including appraisal/T&A
      Inventory, Purchase with Modern Procurement
      CRM fully integrated with many tools Appointment, Email Template, Notes, Memo, Files,Ticket Generation
      Local / International Sales with the costing options
  •   POS (Tablet / Windows / Web / Mobile) Customer portal on the web and on Mobile
      Finance General Ledger with the Subsidiary Ledger Fixed Assets, Petty Cash with cost distribution options
      Dashboard for each System and each user / role
      Appointment and follow up for CRM, Clinic, Parlor, SPA, Delivery
Complete ERP Solution
Common Features from our ERP53 Systems are :
  • Multi-Language :
    Multi-Language at one time you can use any Three languages such as : English / Arabic / French etc.
  • Multi-Tenant
    Multi Branch , Multi-Currency, Project Management , Batch Management etc .
  • DMS/CRM :
    Document Management System, Time & Attendance System are build in our All the Modules are integrated with the CRM for Corporate Use. DMS has Construction Documents with dynamic Routing & signature features.
  • Portal management
    for Entire Organization with Tools (Calendar , Memo, Notes, Ticket, Email, Files , To do) .
  • Support :
    Help Desk for the internal Corporate use and for our application; which is built-in our ERP using ITIL Standard.
  • Mobile Application :
    You become part of our central Marketing Campaign thru our Portal.