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POS System with Offline & Sync online to Head Office / Owner

  •   Cashier POS on Windows / iPad / Mobile (Android/iPhone) / Online.
      Customer Order thru Mobile using (Android / iPhone ) which comes to Windows POS directly
      Kitchen Screen, Driver Management Screen, Recipe Management, Table Management
      Owner screen on Cloud with Loyalty points
      Order Tacking for Cashier , Customer who ordered using GPS Tracker& Cashier / Help Desk thru mobile
  •   Buying our POS you become part of our Mobile Ordering System which is including the Driver Management and Customer can Track Driver too.
      Customer Mobile APP for Android & IOS on Digital53 Portal so your Advertisement are part of our Global portal where you get more Business
      Driver Screen and Management
      Driver Mobile AAP where they can record successful completed deliveries
POS System Showcase and Easy Process
Common Features from our ERP53 Systems are :
  • Multi-Language :
    Multi-Language at one time you can use any Three languages such as : English / Arabic / French etc.
  • Multi-Tenant
    Multi Branch , Multi-Currency, Project Management , Batch Management etc .
  • DMS/CRM :
    Document Management System, Time & Attendance System are build in our All the Modules are integrated with the CRM for Corporate Use. DMS has Construction Documents with dynamic Routing & signature features.
  • Portal management
    for Entire Organization with Tools (Calendar , Memo, Notes, Ticket, Email, Files , To do) .
  • Support :
    Help Desk for the internal Corporate use and for our application; which is built-in our ERP using ITIL Standard.
  • Mobile Application :
    You become part of our central Marketing Campaign thru our Portal.