Features of POS53

Why to choose us

Item import

With our Import tool, you can import your data from a CSV or Excel file to transfer items from another platform.


Order stock directly from the POS. Find products from the biggest vendors in our integrated catalogs.

Vendor purchase orders

Need stock from multiple vendors? Save time and create a single purchase order.

Multiple product variants

Style, size or color, add variants to a single product and relevant custom labels.

Item types

Categorize items by type like Serialized, Box or Assembly and switch types as you sell them.


Create work orders, special orders, and reserve items for customers directly in the system.

Integrated inventory

From a single inventory, sell your stock in-store and online. See your inventory count updated in real time.

Customer data

Centralize your customer data and know who your customers are no matter where they buy from you.


Offer a consistent brand experience that builds loyalty and drives repeat business.

Centralized reporting

See the big picture and get a complete overview of your business to build the right strategy.

Sell on Facebook

Do more with your social media presence by selling directly on Facebook and see your conversion rate go up.

Quick set-up

Use ready-to-go templates from our rich catalog or create your custom website. No development skills required.

Retail Analytics

Do you have the right inventory? How often you customers shop? Which items always run out? Here are the answers.

Employee tracking

See what your staff is selling and identify your star employees to make sure that you have a strong team every day.

Exportable reports

Easily export any report to PDF and/or Excel. Some modules can also be exported to CSV.

Remote reporting

In-store, on the road or on your sofa, never lose sight of your data and your numbers.

Accounting integrations

Have your accouting data automatically posted and avoid costly errors with our accounting integrations.

Real-time data

No matter where you go, your data is updated in real time and accessible so you always know how your business is doing.

Customer relationships

Drive loyalty and ensure your customers come back with a complete suite of CRM tools.

Customer sales history

See what your customers buy across channels and always make suggestions relevant to their tastes.

Customer lifetime value

Anticipate your customers' future purchase and invest in the customers that will remain loyal.

Customer accounts

Create customer profiles and add notes to offer them a service tailored to their needs.

Customer types

VIP, regular or employees, identify your different customers with status so you can automate special discounts.

Gift cards

Allow your regular customers to buy gift cards and let them help bring more shoppers into your store.

Cut waiting lines

Bring your POS where shoppers are and clear up the cash register area.

Personalized branding

Customize your POS with the look and feel or your retail store for more consistency.

Show and tell

Walk with customers as you show them your products, images and full descriptions.

Quick employee training time

Get new staff up to speed in no time and with our intuitive interface that's easy to learn.

On the spot transactions

Speed up transactions and accept payments on the sales floor with a 100% secure system.

Mobile inventory

From your mobile device, check your inventory count and the status of incoming stock.

Inventory tracking

Get an overview of your inventory across locations and get it moving.


Transfer items from one location to another in total flexibility and make more sales.

Centralized Purchasing

Purchase new stock for all your locations at once and redistribute it as you wish.

Gift cards

Grow your customer base with gift cards and let them spread the words about your business.

Centralized customer data

Centralize your customers' purchase history and keep track of the moving stock.


See the big picture as well as detailed reports on some aspects of your different stores.

Mobile payments

On the sales floor or at the cash register, take payments anywhere in your store and reduce wait times.

Payment methods

All the coins, all the bills and all the cards. Accept all payment methods and offer total flexibility to your customers.

EMV compatibility

Customers can insert or tap their card, and you don't have to worry.

PCI compliance

Store and process transmit credit card data electronically in total security.

Easy refunds

Make refunds without asking your customers for their card again. It's all in the system.


Online or in-store, you can offer the same options to your customers everywhere.

Interactive webinars

Watch our introduction webinar that will help you get started with the product.

One on one sessions

Get a free session with one of our agents and get all the answers you need.

24/7 phone support

Reach out to our customer support anytime, there's a always a POS53 agent available, ready to help you.

Email and chat support

No time for a call? Just send us an email or a message in the chat and keep working while we're answering your questions.

Customer forum

Connect with your peers and see how other POS53 retailers are using the system with our new community forum.

Account history

All your tickets and requests are saved in our system, so we can always find the best solution for you.

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